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Barnes & Noble College Bookstores

"Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc. is a privately held company which operates bookstores at more than 500 institutions of higher education .... Barnes & Noble College Booksellers also operates the self-proclaimed "world's largest bookstore" located on 5th Avenue and 18th Street in New York City. ... This store is often the cause of confusion to shoppers who do not realize that it is operated independently of Barnes & Noble, Inc. and are surprised by the lack of a Cafe, as well as differing discount and return policies."

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September 3rd, 2006 2:57pm
And you say that because...?
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September 3rd, 2006 3:43pm
Everyone hates their campus bookstore. Now by extention I have to hate the Barnes & Noble flagship store as well.

Plus it really sucks not being able to return books anywhere else.
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September 3rd, 2006 3:46pm
When I was working for a university, there were a number of lawsuits going on involving B&N's campus stores.

Where B&N was the official campus store, they'd keep the list of textbooks secret claiming that it was the result of their business.

When B&N was NOT the official campus store, then B&N would be sueing the official campus bookstore, claiming that the list of textbooks was public material and could not possibly be a secret.

In addition, when B&N is the official campus store, if you bounce a check, then they use the school to collect it, frequently putting a hold on everything so that you can't get grades or register for new semesters until you've paid them off.

I avoid B&N like the plague. Their website. Their bookstores. They act like assholes and I don't need to do business with that sort.
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September 3rd, 2006 5:41pm
"Everyone hates their campus bookstore"

Did you mean everyone hates the BN Bookstore? Or that every student hates their campus bookstore, whoever it may be?
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September 3rd, 2006 6:55pm
How could you hate a co-op?


apart from hours of operation, refund policy, prices ....
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September 3rd, 2006 7:40pm
I don't know why they call that the largest bookstore in the US. It is the mustiest, most confusing B&N I've ever been in.

Powell's in Portland says they're the biggest too. Their technical bookstore a few blocks down is definitely one of the more eclectic bookstores I've been in.
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September 3rd, 2006 10:14pm
I'm sure Powells is the real biggest bookstore.

FWIW when I called for the hours, the message said they're the "World's Largest Textbook Store."
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September 3rd, 2006 11:16pm

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