Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

heeeelp, mark tricked me and put me into this box..

let me out you bastard! its not funny...
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September 8th, 2006 3:48am
You should change your nick to Schroedinger.

Here, kitty-kitty-kitty...
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September 8th, 2006 3:55am
So Mark is now free? Or does he have his own box?
Permalink Send private email Locutus of Borg 
September 8th, 2006 4:56am
Well no, it's the same box. But Mark pulled a perception-defines-reality move by thinking outside the box, then redefined the box so that wSV found himself inside it.

So because wSV was acting like a pussy, he ended up inside Mark's box.
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September 8th, 2006 4:59am
You know, normally you have an ok sense of humor.  Subtle, biting, and reasonably quick.

But then ever so often, you think the most mundane, stupid things are funny.

So I think you're more than one person, or you're a split personality and your other personality is a special needs kid.
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September 8th, 2006 6:31am
Takes one to know one?
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September 8th, 2006 8:53am

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