Y'all are a bunch of wankers!


is on the money.
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September 12th, 2006 4:26am
He's saying the stuff that I want to hear, but in an annoyingly verbose way and using overly florid language. 

I don't know whether he writes his screeds with a dictionary perched open on one knee and a thesaurus on the other in order to avoid sounding like a demagogue or if he's just in love with the sound of his own voice, but he needs to boil his shit down for the masses.

He's not having as great an effect as he could be having.
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September 12th, 2006 5:25am
yeah, I'm not crazy about the style. but the content is A1, that's good enough for me.

not really sure about "boiling it down for the masses". It needs to really make a convincing case, not just come over like some dumbed-down bunch of catch phrases. The masses can just fucking well listen up. Maybe they will.
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September 12th, 2006 5:38am
I agree. Forrest Gump on a Chevy should be the rule.
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September 12th, 2006 5:44am

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