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my weekend

I came home at 11:45 pm on Friday night and the doorknob to my apartment, my TV, my old laptop, and, inexplicably, my bedsheets, were missing.  I had the cops come check the place out. They said there was nothing much they could do since there wasn't anything they could get prints from. They told me to check craig's list over the next week.

I called my landlord on Saturday, and she said that earlier on Friday there was a junkie who got in a verbal argument with her in our front garden. Apparently she kicked him off the property, but he didn't believe she was the owner of the building, so he wouldn't leave. She didn't call the police, because this is SF and even in the good neighborhoods you have to deal with a junkie on your property every 9 months or so. He eventually just wandered off.

Anyway, she apologized for not calling the cops, because this guy was probably involved. The good news was that her boyfriend found my laptop in the garbage can earlier in the day. Great - so my apartment was robbed in broad daylight when half of the other tenants were at home. :/

We went down to the police station and amended the report, letting them know my laptop was found and that there was some weirdo on the property on the same day my apartment was burglarized.

I went out to get a slice of pizza later that night, and saw a junkie guy hanging out on the corner. He almost fit the exact description my landlord gave me. The difference was that this guy had short hair. I went home to grab my cell phone, but it was uncharged. I grabbed my bike, instead, and followed this guy down to Golden Gate Park. On the way, I ran into the police officer who came to check out my apartment. He went to talk to the suspect, but the guy claimed he didn't know what the cops were talking about.

The dude was still loitering at the entrance to Golden Gate Park,so I had my landlord come down to see if it was the same guy. She's a bit brash, so she just went straight up to the guy and started talking to him. However, after talking with him (for about 20 minutes!) she said it wasn't the same guy, and we went home.

Halfway home, the guy had ridden a bike after us, and admitted that he was the guy who was in an argument with her. She hadn't recognized him, because he had his hair cut off earlier in the day. He said he was just getting high, and had to duck in to our garden because he thought he was being chased.

He apologized for scaring her, and said that although he was a junkie, he would never steal a TV. What use did he have for a TV? Even if he wanted to sell it, he'd have to bring it all the way downtown. And then, he'd only get 20-30 dollars, even if it was a good TV. Nope, he wouldn't steal a TV. Other guys however, bad guys, would definately try to make it seem like he would steal a TV, so he would get the rap. He didn't need a TV. And besides, in this neighborhood, there are TVs on the street all over the place. In fact, there's a big one on the street just three blocks away.

I just wanted my TV back, so I told him that I needed a new TV and I might as well grab one off the street if he knew where one was. He asked for one of my cigarettes and then had me follow him down a few blocks. Lo and behold, there was my TV in back of someone's garage/garbage dump area. Underneath my missing bedsheet, too.

Sadly, the screen is cracked and smashed, so the thing is pretty much unusable. But at least I got to meet the guy who probably stole it in the first place. Ugh.
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September 20th, 2006 1:58am
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September 20th, 2006 2:34am
The bed sheets were probably used to make a inpromptu bag
Permalink PeterI 
September 20th, 2006 4:12am
that's pretty shitty. being a victim of burglary is a horrible thing.

will you move to a different neighbourhood?
Permalink $-- 
September 20th, 2006 4:18am
Weren't you able to do the old, "ah-ha, I never told you I had my tv stolen" line, ever popular on tv, or was the cat already out of the bedsheet?
Permalink Scott 
September 20th, 2006 8:31am
I take it that it's illegal to shoot vagrants in San Fransico?

Bloody west coast hippies.
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September 20th, 2006 8:53am
Peter f'ing Holmes.
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September 20th, 2006 9:49am

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