Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

Dear SoP

I do apologise for apparently implying that as a women you are so genetically retarded that teaching you to read runs the risk of overheating your brain.

It was not, and is not, my intention to create a hostile atmosphere for you here on CoT.

Therefore, and on behalf of the CoT community I would like to publicly welcome you to this place and assure you that all mean spirited comments regarding your limited brain capacity will be deleted upon the instant they are posted from this moment forth.

Your Dear Friend

Permalink worldsSmallestViolin 
September 21st, 2006 1:48am
Your pretty new at all this, aren't you?
Permalink son of parnas 
September 21st, 2006 1:54am
ooooo... SNAP!
Permalink Send private email Steele McLargeHuge 
September 21st, 2006 1:58am
I am appalled.
Permalink Send private email sharkfish 
September 21st, 2006 2:01am
"I do apologise for apparently implying that AS A WOMEN you are so genetically retarded"

Funny how whenever someone says someone else is retarded, they are simply unable to avoid spelling mistakes.
Permalink Mr. Wumpus 
September 21st, 2006 5:59am

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