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Some people are crazier than others (part 299.80 of infinity)

So. In today's episode of As The Code Churns™...

We're on this stupid vb6 death march, and we hired some guy who was supposed to start on Monday. Monday, no show. Tuesday, he shows up at like 11. We have a scrum meeting at 9:30 in the mornings and he was supposed to be here at 9. Oh well, such is life. Then he leaves at 4 because he's anxious or something. He hasn't worked in an office for a year, and he mentioned in the interview that he only made like $250 (no K) working on a business start up with a friend over the past year.

Wednesday, he gets in early enough to show up for the meeting. But, by 4, he's gone.

Thursday, he manages to call into the meeting, and then says he'll be in the office by 10, but gets in just before noon. Again, he leaves before 4.

Today, we get told by the boss, go to lunch, don't come back before 1:30, new-guy is getting the boot at 1. As he's getting fired, he says the reason he was able to get into work on time was to stay up all night. And then he hands the boss some note written by a shrink claiming he's officially diagnosed with Assburgers, and that he's "disabled". Sheeeeeeit dude, you should have brought that up in the beginning. There are empty offices we coulda put you in, and some of the work could have been done from home. We're willing to make accomodations, but you have to let us know up front - not when your ass is getting shown the door.

Boss is spending the rest of the day typing up documentation for the inevitable lawsuit. The guy was OK, he knows stuff, but his shadiness comes across more like a drug addict than Nerdy McNerdster.

Permalink Peter 
March 9th, 2012 5:05pm
A no-show on the first day of work?

He'd better have had a damned good excuse.  Otherwise go ahead and stay home from now on.
Permalink Send private email xampl9 
March 9th, 2012 5:09pm
Back in the old days if you couldn't be bothered to come in on time on the FIRST day of work it was assumed things would not get better. If you showed up on the second day you were told you no longer had a job there.
Permalink Idiot 
March 9th, 2012 5:28pm
I should get a note from a doctor saying I have a heroin addiction and I need special accomodations, then sue if I don't get them.
Permalink Idiot 
March 9th, 2012 5:30pm
Pretty cool.

Public transit systems ought to be more like that.
Permalink Send private email xampl9 
March 9th, 2012 7:54pm
>> Peter: he only made like $250 (no K) working on a business start up with a friend over the past year

The "no K" mentioning is hilarious. Initially I read "$250K" and thought wtf, this is not bad at all, but doesn't fit with the story. So I had to carefully re-read the sentence to discover it's $250 "no K" actually :))
Permalink Io 
March 10th, 2012 1:32am

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