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Response from Joel about ?off data

Just to follow up on previous threads, I have a FogBugz license and emailed Joel to get the copy of the database.  He responded that he will send it in a few days, after they have cleared out the personal information.

That seems fair to me; we'll end up with a copy of the archives with no holes, but we don't get to find out anything that wasn't publicly visible before.  We do lose the ability to go back to an old thread and email someone, but I think that's better than all of us having our email addresses revealed.

I'll post any new developments, of course.
Permalink Send private email Kevin 
January 26th, 2006 3:53pm
perfect :)  thanks again Kevin.
Permalink FullNameRequired 
January 26th, 2006 3:55pm
Permalink Send private email example 
January 26th, 2006 4:16pm
Now if AHA would just get off his arse and hack an archive for CoT, we'd be set. ;)
Permalink Send private email Flasher T 
January 26th, 2006 4:18pm
Yeah yeah...  it's coming.
Permalink Send private email Almost H. Anonymous 
January 26th, 2006 4:29pm

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