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More anti-republican links

http://www.crooksandliars.com/2007/03/10/general-eaton-republican-congress-worst-thing-thats-happened-to-us-army-and-marine-corps/ (reddit) - General Eaton: “Republican Congress worst thing that’s happened to US Army and Marine Corps”

Friday night on Real Time, Bill Maher interviewed retired Army Major General Paul D. Eaton who was the original Commander in charge of training Iraqi troops. Maher tries to get a laugh out of him but as you'll see, Eaton is a straightforward man who doesn't mince words — if he says it, he means it. He blames Donald Rumsfeld for the majority of the failures in Iraq (including the current problems at Walter Reed), thanks God for the new Democratic majority and lays down some truth:

Sorry, I am still searching for those pro-republican links.
Permalink son of parnas 
March 10th, 2007 8:35pm
I read somewhere that the average Republican brushes at least once a day. I'll try to find the link.
Permalink Send private email strawberry snowflake 
March 10th, 2007 9:02pm
The recommendation is twice a day and once for flossing.
Permalink son of parnas 
March 10th, 2007 11:30pm

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