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Wolfgang Willrich's Des Edlen Ewiges Reich (Item ART 2-2)

DESCRIPTION: The Noble Eternal Reich is a portfolio/book of the famous Third Reich artist Wofgang Willrich. Called the "racial-purity artist" Willrich was certainly the premier illustrator of the N.S. ideology. His art really breathed the purity of this noble artistic message. The work was produced in 1941 by the Grenze und Ausland Verlag in Berlin and this under the auspices of the SS-Ahnenerbe, as can be seen with the Irminsul imprinted on the title page. There are 48 pages of absolutely wonderful facial studies of people from all over the German fatherland. The pictures are generally 10 ½ x 7 ½ inches in size. Before the plates is a text section of 40 pages that speaks of the history of woman in art depicted in ancient and modern artistic expression. When I say modern I speak of the Willrich-style art of the 1930's not the trash that one usually thinks of when the term 'modern art' is mentioned. This was the epitome of realism in inner and outer beauty; the beauty of the Aryan Nordic types. "Dangerous words in our Orwellian society of today." I suppose, but who can deny the radiant and healthy countenances that flow from the brush of Herr Willrich as he puts to canvas the pictorial saga of his Volk, Unser Volk!. This is considered one of the most rare books of the Third Reich and certainly one of the most sought after. History will most definitely recognize him as one of the greatest illustrators of our time once the distortions and propaganda have finely run their course. When the degenerate art of Picasso and others have made their way to garbage bins these Willrich images of Nordic beauty will last forever. Willrich was born in Gottingen on 31 March 1897 and died there 1948. I am not alone in considering him the absolute uncontested and greatest facial illustrator of the 20th century! The book is rather in need of binding restoration. The original dust cover is rendered in two parts, but there, and folded into the back of the volume. It could be made part of a good restoration effort. The spine, which is often the first thing to go, is in rough shape and waiting for the Germanophile who will rescue it. The pages and pictures are in very good condition, however. Well, here it is, the most desirable Third Reich art book in existence. Reach out and own it.
PRICE: $350.00 Not expensive for what it is!
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March 14th, 2007 8:08am
Hmm, would it be bad to buy that and hold onto it a bit and sell it for a fortune later?
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March 14th, 2007 10:40am

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