RIP Philo

Hippies can't STAND Slayer

Permalink Michael B 
March 16th, 2007 2:38pm
I can't stand hippies or slayer.
Permalink hello. 
March 16th, 2007 2:39pm
Last Hippie gunned down in the doorway of the Dakota 1980. Slayer begins playing Iron Madien covers in 1981.
Permalink wikipedian 
March 16th, 2007 2:44pm
I can't stand hippies or slayer or _you_. Are you a java programmer?
Permalink Bluebeard 
March 16th, 2007 2:53pm
Buffy was awesome.
Permalink son of parnas 
March 16th, 2007 4:30pm
I was a hippie and a huge Slayer fan.  Now, I'm not a hippie any more.  But I am still a Slayer fan.  So... what were we talking about again?
Permalink John Haren 
March 16th, 2007 10:42pm
How old are you again John?
Permalink zed 
March 17th, 2007 4:22pm

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