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the funy thing about the pollution free off-grid electricity is.

...its perfectly affordable for many, many homes.  most homes aren't priced based on the materials that they use, they are priced based on...uh...demand, or location, or something...

which means that in a heap of cases 50k to setup this kind of mechanism is perfectly affordable and would add very little to the cost...even for a cheapo 2-300k house it would only add a relatively small % of the total cost.
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March 21st, 2007 5:53am
While true, you do have to ask, "Who is currently keeping that $50,000 that COULD go into making the house energy efficient?"

And the answer is, the builders.  And the builders build houses in ORDER to make that level of profit.  And that profit does make up for some of the risk that the builders take on when they build.

Are you willing to cut the builder's profits by $50,000 per house?  And if not, then that $50,000 in extra 'stuff' also needs to be marked up another 15% or so to make it worth the builder's while to put it in.

And now you DO have a house that costs $80,000 more than comparable houses.
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March 21st, 2007 9:24am

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