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Dreaming in Code

since i saw Joel hype this book on his site, I've been dying to read it.  i loved reading "masters of doom" so i figured this would be a similar experience.

i bought the book, then, when i started reading, i realized that this was more engrossing to me than "masters" because it fit closer to my own personal experiences of projects getting out of hand.

excellent read.  (i'm on page 150)
Permalink Kenny 
March 27th, 2007 12:26pm
Thanks for the review.  I've been thinking about that book as well.  I've kept a suspicious,but sympathetic eye on the "progress" of Chandler for years now.
Permalink z-z-zed 
March 27th, 2007 12:44pm
I'm about halfway thru.

So far, their experiences are deja-vu.
Scope creep?  Check.
Poorly defined (or no) requirements?  Check.
People talking at cross-purposes?  Oh yes.
Permalink xampl 
March 27th, 2007 2:45pm
I dream in green letters on black background.
Permalink Send private email Neo 
March 27th, 2007 5:19pm

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