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Sheryl Crow You're an Original Lyrics
Give us what you got
Girl you got a lot
Seems you got an itch that's scratching
Lay it like it plays
Play it like it lays
All your Easter eggs are hatching
In your Cadillac
Reaching for your jack
There's nothing we can tell you
Just a little queen
Dirty mouth and mean
There's nothing we can sell you o

You're an original, baby Like we've never seen before
You're an original, baby
Turn around and you're looking at a hundred more o Deadly in the sack
Grooving to The Clash
On some kind of wasted weekend
Pretty little girl
Expensive little world
Curiosity is peeking
Here today and gone by morning
Your ice cream cone is melting fast
Maybe Monday, maybe someday
Your lucky star won't fly on past


Turn around and you're looking at a hundred more
Turn around and you're looking at a hundred more
Turn around and you're looking at a hundred more
Caught you in a pose
That everybody knows
We thought you had something special

Permalink LeMonde 
March 31st, 2007 12:06am
I worked with this female rock star, of sort of a different generation, and when the whole thing was finished I was struck by how difficult it is to be original now. In the past it wasn't nearly as competitive, imaging and marketing wise, and now, what happens is you have one or two people that really stick out and then you'll have a whole slew of people that come out right behind them that are kind of in that vein, that capitalize on that wave. And she had said something to me about, "You know, we are really good-looking women, we need to use our sexuality to sell our product." And I was like, 'Wow. That is so scary to me," because part of my enjoyment in what I do is in not doing that, is just kind of being the guitar player. So the song was inspired by that. It's a real gift to be given something that is original, the way you stick out and draw attention to yourself for what you do.
Permalink Sheryl Crow 
March 31st, 2007 1:08am
miss crow let's make friends...
Permalink LeMonde 
March 31st, 2007 7:40pm

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