Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

I realized today that I hadn't backed up my WordPress templates

for Souls of Glass before removing it from the old host, months ago.

I hadn't noticed until now because the project was on indefinite hiatus.

Now I'm trying to put the site back up, with a new look, but the process of re-learning all of the bits, pieces, and hacks I needed to turn WordPress into an online novel CMS is taking me DAYS.

If I had only saved a few KB of php files, I'd have all the documentation I ever needed of exactly how I made everything behave.

IIRC, I deleted the template deliberately because it was ugly and I wanted to force myself to redo it when I went back to the project, but at least I could have saved the code snippets that would have spared me days of research and documentation combing.

I'm such a bastard sometimes.
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April 4th, 2007 2:28pm
You are a bastard ALWAYS :)
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April 4th, 2007 2:48pm

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