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Sunshine, the Danny Boyle movie (spoilers)

Anyone else see this? I wanted to watch it when it came to theaters here in HK, but was sort of dreading a big letdown.

My wife and I eventually got around to seeing it on the big screen and I enjoyed it a lot.  Plenty of inconsistencies and  plot holes*, but still pretty enjoyable for me.

* Where does the gravity throughout the ship come from?  Some parts of the Icarus are spinning but not, apparently, the crew section.  Gravity generators?

* Too many stuff to deal with the intruder to count ... like why nobody bothered to count the number of charred corpses in the first ship's observation deck and compare that number with the number of original crew.  Also, why didn't anybody stand guard near the airlock?  Why no CCTV cameras near the airlock?  Motion detectors at least?

* Why can apparently anyone order the ship's flight computer to do all kinds of dangerous/lethal stuff?

* Why are the mainframe bits so easily removed from coolant?  No locks on the door to the mainframe room?

* Why was Capa the only one that could set off the bomb?  It was just a matter of turning a key and pressing a few buttons (no intense calculations or physicist-y stuff)?

Still, I enjoyed it.
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April 13th, 2007 3:10pm
Or that you had to disable the flight computer to change course - and that doing this would disable life critical auto-adjustments to the solar shield.

Or that they couldn't find room for back-up oxygen on ship carrying a payload the size of Manhattan.

How can there only be one spacesuit left when all the crew are dead *inside* the ship?  Wouldn't every airlock have a full complement plus spares?

Why does mankind's last hope not have a grid of back-up control computers like any modern airplane?  Or safety catches to stop the mainframe trapping the maintainance crew's legs in the coolant pool?

Wouldn't you have internal airlocks between the mayor segments of the ship so that you don't have to seal your gardener into a deadly fire?  Or leave people to die because there are holes in *one* part of an abandoned ship?

It is a powerful peon to the indominability of the human spirit and man's right to defy nature.  (The goody is a physicist trying to control the sun, and the bady is a French guy who worships it.)

But perhaps even more so to the need for health&safety inspectors :-)
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April 13th, 2007 6:43pm

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