Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

What are we talking about here?

This sad pile of excrement aka Alberto Gonzales should be assfucked by a German shepherd. Why even hesitate for a second?


This utterly fucked nation has lost its common sense. (It could be argued however that common sense has never been part of this  patch of filth on earth to begin with.)

Har har har to your freedom!
Permalink Dan Denman 
April 22nd, 2007 12:56am
I thought you lived in the US?
Permalink John 
April 22nd, 2007 1:13am
No, he's my neighbor, but the bastard never shows up when he promises to buy the coffee.
Permalink Send private email Ward 
April 22nd, 2007 1:19am
Living in the US? nah! nation obese low IQ low wage pesticide loving, SUV driving, incest engaging fucking assholes.

I have had lots of bowl movements in the US though. It helped their economy greatly.

Fuck America, Americans and everthing resembling America.
Permalink Dan Denman 
April 22nd, 2007 1:20am
Try Canada.

I'm not going to create a login just to find out who Alberto whoever is.
Permalink Send private email LinuxOrBust 
April 22nd, 2007 1:23am
has some log ins
Permalink Peter 
April 22nd, 2007 2:14am
That's a neat concept, no sure I wanna use it just for this story since no one has opined on what it says, yet.
Permalink LinuxOrBust 
April 22nd, 2007 2:32am
Uh, Alberto "whoever" Gonzales is the attorney general.
Permalink hello. 
April 22nd, 2007 3:16am
"This sad pile of excrement aka Alberto Gonzales should be assfucked by a German shepherd. "

OMG, I actually agree with Denman.  Hell just froze over.
Permalink AMerrickanGirl 
April 22nd, 2007 3:21am
I dont even need t oread the damn story.  Im down with gonzales being assfucked by a german sheepdog.

...actually, I have here a list of political candidates if anyone is interested...

...actually, in all honesty, I have a couple of lists...
Permalink zestyZucchini 
April 22nd, 2007 7:37am
Let's get the assfucking dog to go after the news sites that require logins first.

Anyone have an alternate link or a summary? I don't care enough to dig through bugmenot.
Permalink Practical Economist 
April 22nd, 2007 12:38pm
For the criminally lazy:

WASHINGTON -- Desperate for support among fellow Republicans, Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales faced grim prospects Friday, a day after a Senate hearing that produced one outright call for his resignation and a fistful of invitations and hints to quit.

One GOP member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, John Cornyn of Texas, predicted Gonzales would weather the furor over the firings of eight federal prosecutors.

Alone among the nine Republicans on the committee, Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma called for the attorney general to resign.

Gonzales gave no indication Friday that he was leaving. "Please know that as you continue your work, I am by your side," he told an audience of crime victims' rights supporters.

He also called several GOP senators, including Cornyn and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, an aide said. During their brief phone conversation, Cornyn told Gonzales that if nothing newly embarrassing comes out, the worst was behind him and he should stay, said Brian Walsh, the senator's press secretary.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said President Bush had spoken with Gonzales after Thursday's hearing. "The attorney general continues to have the president's full confidence," she said.

There were fresh calls from Democrats for Gonzales to step down. "The president should restore credibility to the office of the attorney general. Alberto Gonzales must resign," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.
Permalink Peter 
April 22nd, 2007 3:52pm
This is nothing new then? Just the same crap about them firing a bunch of prosecutors they didn't like? Which is their right to do so, and something all presidents have done for hundreds of years? This is just a bullshit scandal. There are better things to go after Gonzalez on - like the torture orders and the suspension of habeus corpus, but of which are high treason and justification for the death penalty against the fucker. This crap about firing prosecutors I just don't give a fuck about. It's their right.
Permalink Practical Economist 
April 23rd, 2007 12:46am

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