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Dawkins vs O'Reilly, let the war begin

at 8pm est.  There already seems to be too much hype already.  If they go at it, then both sides will have won.  If O'Reilly backs down to Dawkin's reason then say good bye to the middle-class-church-goer.
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April 23rd, 2007 7:53pm
Here is what O'Reilly will put forth.  There is a large percentage (he will probably say something like 70%-90%) of the US and in the world that believe in religion, why should we argue with their right to practice their faith.  He will say that 500 times and then the debate will be over.
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April 23rd, 2007 7:57pm
I predict he'll get a verbal beating. He never stands up to smart people with cunning (Colbert, Jeremy Glick, etc.).
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April 23rd, 2007 8:00pm
Ok, I can't tell if it is coming on.  Maybe Dawkins bailed out?
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April 23rd, 2007 8:03pm
I love the way Dawkins sticks it to the religious zealots without any pussyfooting or pandering their "faith" crapola.

Basically his message is stop wishing for the fucking tooth fairy you bunch of overgrown children..
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April 24th, 2007 1:42pm
April 24th, 2007 2:04pm

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