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geek from school

A guy from my HS has sent me an email.
He was in my school 15 years ago.
He was a strange nerd. I talked to him only a couple of times. I liked him but he was so unpopular that I couldn't go talk to him. On the other hand he didn't have the balls to make an advance.

What would you do in my shoes?


I am asking you because I was told that this is a geek forum.
Permalink M A Y 
April 29th, 2007 2:35am
"What would you do in my shoes?"

What would you do about what?  Does he want to meet for something.  I dont know, this is just me.  But people I havent spoken to in 15 year are one step above complete strangers.  Who knows what this guy is after.  I would send an email or two, but would not overly excited or anything to meet.
Permalink Bot Berlin 
April 29th, 2007 2:45am
So, are you single or what?

So many contradictions in that post.

"He was a strange nerd. I talked to him only a couple of times."

You call him strange, and then say you barely knew him.  Well, duh.  Why are you freaking out so much ahead of time.  Why do women in particular do this?  (Interestingly, some don't).  Just gets back to a typical scenario where the guy is having to do everything and then somehow getting blamed for that.
Permalink Send private email LinuxOrBust 
April 29th, 2007 4:17am
If you want to stay single forever, I would advise brushing him off.  How's that?
Permalink Send private email LinuxOrBust 
April 29th, 2007 4:19am
I agree with Bot. Send the guy an email, see what's he's been up to. Maybe he's changed for the better.
Permalink Full name 
April 29th, 2007 10:38am
Not enough info.

Are you a girl? A girl he was interested in?

He sent you an email? What did it say? Does he want to meet? Is he checking if you know about the reunion because he is working on the committee?

Have you responded to the email?

Why is this a big deal for you anyway?

Recommendation, assuming he just sent an email saying hi:

"Hi Joe, what you up to? I've been fine. Living in Atlanta the last few years, as you can see from my MySpace. Nice to hear from you. Take Care. Susie"
Permalink Practical Economist 
April 29th, 2007 12:15pm
Some awkward nerds in high school grow up to be cool people.  Give it one try.  Just pray he's not still a desperate nerd and will latch on to you.
Permalink AMerrickanGirl 
April 29th, 2007 12:16pm
This is what high school reunions are for.
Permalink xampl 
April 29th, 2007 4:39pm
you guys are easy marks. this is just the companion piece to the "IN THE BOX" trolls.
Permalink hello. 
April 29th, 2007 5:01pm
if we're all geeks why are you asking us?
Permalink Billx 
April 29th, 2007 7:58pm
Yeah but you don't even realize what he's quoting from, hello.
Permalink Utopia 
April 29th, 2007 11:10pm

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