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Motorola E2. Worth every penny.

Some time ago I asked you guys, if you had a good advice for a good mp3 phone. As you didn't really help me (hehe!) I bought a Motorola Rokr E2.

And is amazing. I love it. IT has 1GB SD (pretty standard), FM radio, 3.5mm audiphone plug, it charges via an standard mini usb cable or AC to usb converter. Compatibility all the way.

But it's killer feature to me is Linux and java. It has a linux based system and an java interface. Is hackeable as much as you want. Usually motorola phones are pretty much customizable, but his one blow everyone else away. You can use the phone with the pc as a modem, as a storage device and as a network node. You can telnet and get a shell. It has samba installed by default. With a little of effort you can even get a shell in the phone. Most of its configuration (being linux) is just plain text file which you can edit with vi. You also can install java apps, or linux apps.

I think those motorola guys used the E2 as an experiment, to see how the geeks (the ones who will use the most hardcore features) reacted, because there will be serious competition via the iPhone and the OpenMoko (I think that is it's name, also a linux phone). What makes me think that? The root shell has no password :). It has "hack me" painted all over it.

I love that phone. I haven't had a single problem with it after two months.
Permalink Send private email Masiosare 
April 30th, 2007 9:27pm
"But it's killer feature to me is Linux and java."

Sweet.  The phone is kinda ugly though.

I love products that are hackable.  If I own it, and it can be hacked, I've probably hacked it.
Permalink Send private email Wayne 
April 30th, 2007 9:42pm
Can you replace the contact/phone-book app on the ROKR?

Because that's my main problem with the RAZR.  Who wants three different contact entries for a friend that has a mobile phone, a home phone, and a work phone?  It would make more sense to have one contact with three numbers, but Moto didn't see it that way.
Permalink Send private email xampl 
April 30th, 2007 10:35pm
You can have one contact with different numbers. In fact, the contact list is a text file in the home directory. It's pretty easy to backup too :D

But I think the one number per contact is a limitation of the SIM card, not the phone. Try to change where the contacts are stored, that might change the default behavior.
Permalink Send private email Masiosare 
April 30th, 2007 11:37pm
Masiosare have you tried writing apps for it yet?
Permalink Send private email lifan 
May 3rd, 2007 3:45pm

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