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Clinton on the Libby commuted sentence

"That President Bush chose to openly commute the sentence of someone, fearful that time in prison may free his confidences shows just how arrogant and short-sighted this Chief Executive is. I would have hoped that my legacy would be worth something; that partisan politics wouldn't obviate the ability to learn from previous administrations. As James MacDougal's 'heart attack' shows, conspirators are best silenced - left running around they're always a liability..."
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July 4th, 2007 8:35am
Who was James MacDougal?
Permalink el 
July 4th, 2007 8:52am
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
July 4th, 2007 8:53am
That is amazing that she confessed to that since there was always so much speculation about it.

James McDougal was the business partner of the Clintons during the Clinton's Whitewater Development Corp scandal. Vince Foster was also murdered during this thing, there may have been others. There's a pretty good sized Clinton body count.
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July 4th, 2007 9:38am
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July 4th, 2007 12:07pm
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Permalink Sathy Gaandu 
July 4th, 2007 1:04pm
The snopes list is radically politicalized, including their bullshit of referring to all of Clinton's associates who he has murdered as an 'urban legend'. Well, they are dead. That's not much of an urban legend. Snopes is bullshit overall. About as reliable as the Weekly World Skeptical Enquirer.
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 4th, 2007 8:19pm
They must have mis-spoke.  The fact that they're dead is pretty certain (they're not un-dead, after all.  It's a binary condition) but tying their deaths to the Clintons is a separate matter that may or may not be provable.
Permalink Send private email xampl 
July 4th, 2007 8:36pm
I knew at least three people who committed suicide and one friend who had a pre-existing heart condition and died last week (same condition as the "suspicious" number one person on Clinton's list).

I'm 1/3 Clinton's age and probably have 3x fewer associates, which would mean that I'm equally as guilty as Clinton in the "practical" economist's eyes.

They are definitely dead, so yea, I was probably at fault.
Permalink Send private email Colm 
July 4th, 2007 9:09pm
"all of Clinton's associates who he has murdered"

Clinton has murdered some of his associates? What proof is there of this? And why aren't all the Republicans all over this?
Permalink Full name 
July 4th, 2007 9:15pm
Bush is responsible for many, many more deaths than Clinton ever was.
Permalink AMerrickanGirl 
July 4th, 2007 9:45pm
The difference is the Bush doesn't kill his close friends and associates.
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 4th, 2007 10:42pm
Again, where's the proof that Clinton has killed his close friends and associates?
Permalink Full name 
July 4th, 2007 10:44pm
That's like asking where is the proof that Bush has killed anyone.
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 4th, 2007 11:03pm
Bush hasn't. His wife has, but he hasn't.
Permalink Send private email Colm 
July 4th, 2007 11:26pm
Gosh, PE, indulge in innuendo and personal attacks much?  I've heard MUCH better from you.

At last count, 3,000 plus people have died for Bush's war.  And I'm not even implying he killed them, or had them killed.  No, he SENT THEM INTO BATTLE.

Many Clinton associates died during his administration.  If you'd like to investigate each incident, and confirm or deny what Snopes found, that's cool.  Simply saying everything Snopes says is BS smacks of propaganda and more of that character assassination thing that Bush used to justify the war.  You SURE you want to go there?
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
July 4th, 2007 11:30pm
Still haven't answered my question, PE.
Permalink Full name 
July 5th, 2007 12:02am
Especially when Snopes bends over backward to give Republicans (and Disney) the benefit of the doubt.
July 5th, 2007 2:11am
Yeah... ooo he's the president, and he's whacking people to cover his ass. A bit too cliche and cinematic.

If you really wanted to look you can find comparisons to the 'death tolls' of other rich and famous individuals.

People die... naturally.
Permalink Send private email JoC 
July 5th, 2007 11:10am
And some people die more naturally than others.
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 5th, 2007 12:09pm
Again, is any proof forthcoming, PE?
Permalink Full name 
July 5th, 2007 3:58pm
Yeah would you take your head out of your ass long enough to read the quote by Billary that this article leads off with? She confessed.
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 5th, 2007 4:00pm
What article are you talking about?
Permalink Full name 
July 5th, 2007 4:34pm
I guess Philo was goofing on us, since no link to any 'article' containing the original quote has appeared on this thread.
Permalink Full name 
July 7th, 2007 7:40am

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