Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

word of the day is "cuspidor"


ahem. yes. how did I live so long without *that*in my vocabulary.

"waiter! bring me the cuspidor! I have guests to revolt!"
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July 8th, 2007 3:06am
"no ... don't empty it. I *like* it brimming."
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July 8th, 2007 3:07am
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July 8th, 2007 7:11am
Gosh, I actually remember a few public buildings having those.

Now I feel old.
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July 8th, 2007 7:13am
Stay away from the Spittoon joke. It's REALLY old.
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July 8th, 2007 9:40am
Haven't seen one in a long time.
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July 9th, 2007 8:43am

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