Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

You know you have too much money when...

you are Paul Allen and you build a $12 million working replica of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine.

Permalink son of parnas 
July 10th, 2007 4:20pm
"But Paulie, baby, want to know why your net worth is only a third that of fellow Microsoftie Bill Gates? Dumbass purchases like this."

Didn't Bill give most of his money away? or is that a long term plan
Permalink what are you reading for? 
July 10th, 2007 4:29pm
Because it's burning a hole in his pocket.

(Extra self-awarded points for movie topic link.  Couldn't work "Blue Meanie" in there anywhere, though)
Permalink xampl 
July 10th, 2007 5:05pm
God, I soooooooooooo deserve to have Bill's or Paul's or Larry's money, I could buy bigger and bigger yachts, fund museums, break glass sculptures, wear expensive suits, all that stuff they do...
Permalink Send private email Ward 
July 10th, 2007 5:52pm
Seems a reasonable purchase for him. Who doesn't want a submarine? I mean really. And if you can afford one you should be allowed to chose the color.
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 10th, 2007 5:54pm
Personal submarines are in vogue, as an accessory to a mega yacht.

But the amount of toys is getting silly, there are now "Shadow Ships", basically a toy hauler that follows the mothership around. So you can have a lot more stuff without cluttering up the decks of your yacht.
Permalink anoneemouse 
July 10th, 2007 6:21pm
My mega yacht has two submarine bays and two helicopter pads and place for bat boat. Top that!
Permalink son of parnas 
July 10th, 2007 6:25pm
Sharks with lasers!
Permalink anoneemouse 
July 10th, 2007 6:33pm
Sharks with frickin lasers on their frickin heads!
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 10th, 2007 6:54pm
Well, it's not REALLY the Beatle's Yellow Submarine, it's a REAL Yellow Submarine.  I bet he rents it out to Dubai tourists with even more money than HE has and makes a fortune.
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
July 10th, 2007 7:03pm
When my children were toddlers, I instantly recognized who the Blue Meanies were.
Permalink LeftWingPharisee 
July 10th, 2007 7:53pm
If I had all that money, I'd hire someone to make a piano, but instead of hitting those silly metal strings, have the mechanism use mallets to hit a marimba.

That would be sweet.
Permalink LeftWingPharisee 
July 10th, 2007 8:02pm
yeah! my 100k salary making me one of the richest 1% on the planet is just right. the luxury of clean water, a 5 day work week, access to health care and education, a personal car, cable tv, and a vacation in florida every year is just right but making enough to have a sub that's too much. 

f'ing babies.
Permalink one man shopper 
July 10th, 2007 9:07pm
For me, the most luxurious thing about wealth is not the toys. It is separation from other people. You are never thrust into close contact with the anyone, and can live in a nice large bubble of personal space and polite silence. Sure, sometimes we go to New York or Tokyo and ride the subway and it is a novelty.
Permalink anoneemouse 
July 10th, 2007 11:40pm
You can never have too much money.
Permalink Send private email Tapiwa 
July 11th, 2007 8:33am

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