Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

Sharkfish, see what you started

Not too long ago, Sharkfish posted about a blogger she usually disagrees with.  I read the bloggers column today, http://tinyurl.com/2znswj.  I have to agree with sharkfish; this blogger is just writing to be antagonistic.  I commented several times on the article, asking for things like, oh say, facts and sources to back things up.  Out of 3 comments, only one has my name.  Either it was changed so that it looked like more people were reading it or their software really sucks.

A long way to go to get to saying "You were right Sharkfish"
Permalink Send private email dcawvive 
July 12th, 2007 7:47pm
OMG.  I hate that article. 

Gen Y guy at my employer's sister company (we rent office space from them):

"Gee sharky, nice to see you in the office at NINE THIRTY!  What's up with that!(looks at his watch)"

Me:  Uh, well, when you are still surfing that cube, wannabe CEO, I'm out having a life you fucker.  Now go fetch me some coffee.


Or something like that.  These kids are in their mid-20's at most.  They get on my nerves. 

So the author is wrong, based on my personal experience.  Gen Y sucks ass and they are total followers.
Permalink Send private email sharkfish 
July 12th, 2007 9:58pm
By the original definition in the cartoons and the book, I'm GenX, but just barely.  I don't pay attention to any other Gen-whatever terms, they're just riding on the success of the term GenX.

According to the goofy test, I'm GenX, but with 11 points it's close...
Permalink Send private email Ward 
July 12th, 2007 10:19pm
I'm a solid Gen X -- 11 points.  Who remixes videos.  Who has time.  Geez.
Permalink Send private email sharkfish 
July 12th, 2007 10:28pm
It's very Boomer to categorize people by the year they were born.

Permalink anoneemouse 
July 13th, 2007 12:03am
No, it's totally GenX to put a label on exactly why we're screwed.
Permalink Send private email Ward 
July 13th, 2007 1:11am
What bullshit.

Why does this lady have such a wet crotch for Gen Y?  She must be into younger men or something.

Everything in this article is true about me and most people I associate with.  There are plenty of people in every generation that won't do shit work, won't take crap from the boss, make their own hours, etc.
Permalink Send private email muppet 
July 13th, 2007 7:21am
Although, even though we know that Gen Y is, at large, a bunch of brainless followers who still, at least at this point in their lives, think that anyone who works hard enough can be a billionaire...

...the smartest way to force corporate reform in our fucked up society just might be to convince an up and coming generation, one nearly as large as the baby boomers, that it has already happened.  Maybe these bloggers are on to something.
Permalink Send private email muppet 
July 13th, 2007 7:34am

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