Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

Secret Underground Sex Palace in Laguna Hills


Will someone explain to me why he didn't just get a submarine like all the other billionaires?

Now it's all gone to shit.

An ad slogan for sub makers should come out of this: "Don't flub - get a sub."
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 19th, 2007 7:22pm
what's the big deal? if he was a member of the stones, noone'd bat an eyelid.
Permalink $-- 
July 19th, 2007 7:33pm
All that money, and he was probably alternating between the happiest and most miserable man on the planet.
Permalink Send private email arg! 
July 19th, 2007 7:39pm
Despots have known since time began that you should either pay your artisans or kill them upon handover.
Permalink trollop 
July 19th, 2007 8:14pm
Good point, it doesn't make sense to spend $30 million on a secret hideaway, then refuse to pay your contractors.
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 19th, 2007 8:35pm
For some reason, I never get invited to those sorts of parties.

I must be too evolved.
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
July 20th, 2007 10:11am
"Sometimes I get the feeling that there are orgies going on all over New York City, and somebody says, `Let's call Desmond,' and somebody else says,'Why bother? He's probably home reading the Encyclopedia Britannica.'"
Permalink $-- 
July 20th, 2007 12:28pm

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