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Do I need to pay for something to build flash applications

Are there opensource tools to build flash apps.  For example, if I print Hello World using flash.  What would it take to do that.
Permalink Bot Berlin 
July 20th, 2007 5:43pm
read the ToC of this book


or get the examples.

they use some library.
Permalink zed 
July 20th, 2007 5:51pm
Interesting. Their approach uses the perl bindings for ming:

Permalink Practical Economist 
July 20th, 2007 6:29pm
Well, I just tried Flex and they have an open SDK.  Worked fine so far.
Permalink Bot Berlin 
July 20th, 2007 6:30pm

OK, I'll look at that. Just for fun. I don't think I need flash for anything, but why not?

Report on ming: it has a blurb that it is so fantastically self contained, it won't even accept fonts and you have to convert fonts to its internal vector format. Sounds good, so download, unpack, ./configure, make ... ERROR: dependent files not found. So their self contained thing is bullshit, and getting it to work is obviously going to be another one of these bullshit open source nightmares that takes weeks of tweaks and posting in boards for help, getting insulted by open source geeks, and so forth, and in the end have a crippled product. Really for all that trouble better to just go with abobe.
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 20th, 2007 7:10pm
I thought about Flex a while back but was so confused on what it was.  An sdk, an IDE for creating flash apps, new revision of flash for developers.
Permalink Bot Berlin 
July 20th, 2007 7:11pm
I could not figure that much out from their site, so I am confused too.

More screwing with ming. It requires png.h, which is not a normal system header. So you have to guess that you need to locate, compile, configure and install lib-png. That worked ok, and now ming complies but does not link, apparently because ming relies on some earlier version of lib-png than the latest, which had different functions:

/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [dbl2png] Error 1

Or maybe something else.

If I ever find a open source project whose makefile actually works, I will probably have a heart attack.
Permalink Practical Economist 
July 20th, 2007 7:30pm

enough said.
Permalink Bot Berlin 
July 20th, 2007 7:32pm
do you actually know about apt, PE?

because if you don't, it's a bit like working on windows without knowing where the control panel is.
Permalink $-- 
July 21st, 2007 4:20am
Try: http://www.openlaszlo.org/
Permalink Peter 
July 21st, 2007 9:28am

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