Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

anybody catch the YouTube debate on CNN?

I saw the two girls ask about minimum wage ("Senators, would you do your job for minimum wage?") and the guitar dude about taxes.

Anything else good I miss?
Permalink Send private email sharkfish 
July 23rd, 2007 9:54pm
You can always catch them on youtube.

Permalink Send private email Impractical Economist 
July 23rd, 2007 11:59pm
It's funny that you can't see the whole thing on YouTube. I meant to see it but I missed it. Was it any good? How did the format work?
Permalink son of parnas 
July 24th, 2007 12:13am
It was interesting to see allllll of the issues addressed.  I liked it.  The MSNBC/FoxNews formats are so dry.  I know CNN had to filter a lot of stuff but I still think some off the cuff questions got through.

I liked Obama and Biden in this one.
Permalink Bot Berlin 
July 24th, 2007 12:49am

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