Y'all are a bunch of wankers!


I went to my specialist's office today and saw an APRN.  Her solution was to culture my throat and tell me it's not strep (no shit) and then schedule an endoscopy in two weeks (!!!) to have a look at it.

Oh yeah, and she took one of those lighted magnifiers that they use for looking down your throat and shoved it INTO my mouth in the course of her examination to the extent that it was propping my jaw open and resting on my tongue (those things are NOT sterile, so wtf?  I mean, it's hanging on the wall in the exam room and is used on everybody and not cleaned, WTF?)

So now I'm eating Cepacol lozenges like there's no tomorrow and hoping this goes away on it's own.  I've been instructed to "go ahead and cancel" my endoscopy if things resolve before August 6th, when it's scheduled.

Meanwhile, the last time I ate anything was... oh... Monday night?
Permalink Send private email muppet 
July 26th, 2007 11:56am
Does the APRN even know you have Crohn's?  What kind of specialist is this, anyway?
Permalink AMerrickanGirl 
July 26th, 2007 12:15pm
My gastro's office.  Yep, she knows I have Crohn's.  This didn't seem to faze her. She asked if I have herpes.
Permalink Send private email muppet 
July 26th, 2007 12:36pm
Isn't she supposed to be telling you that, rather than asking you? Or is it some kind of multi-choice thing where you diagnose yourself by choosing which disease you'd like to suffer from?
Permalink man on the stair 
July 26th, 2007 1:09pm
Who knows.

She said she couldn't see anything, so she did the strep culture for nothing, I guess (just to make me feel serviced?? if she can't see it, it's not strep) and then told me to schedule the endoscopy with the girl up front.  The whole thing was utterly useless and cost me $25 (my insurance, hundreds).
Permalink Send private email muppet 
July 26th, 2007 1:10pm
I feel for you.  I also feel for the NEXT person who's throat she shoves that light down.  And the one after that, and the one after that.
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
July 26th, 2007 2:05pm
And this is the healthcare we pay 2x as much for.

Pretty standard, I'd say. At least from the stories of my parents who both work in the field.
Permalink Send private email JoC 
July 27th, 2007 11:54am
Basically, there are about 75% intellectually challenged individuals.

About 15% are morally challenged. There is some overlap there though.

If you're really lucky, you might have the experience of dealing with the 20% or so of good healthcare professionals. But uh, good luck with that.
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July 27th, 2007 11:56am

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