Y'all are a bunch of wankers!


Yea Joel, RTFM. Just in case you forgot.
I'm wondering whether it was really you who wrote about coconut herd management and the Joel test.
Oh sorry to provide feedback here, but the automated moderators didnt like the word RTFM. I dont know why. Maybe they're psychopaths as one of my best friends told me.
Permalink Send private email Vineet Reynolds 
January 27th, 2006 12:14pm
Part of the problem may be that telling somebody "RTFM" is like telling them "The information is on the network". 

Sure, I'm sure it's all there.  But pointing them at a huge source of information, in an attempt to solve a small problem, merely makes their problem bigger.
Permalink AllanL5 
January 27th, 2006 12:59pm
And that's the difference between a computer user and a cellphone user.
If you buy a computer, you normally wouldnt expect a helpful manual to come with it.
Cellphone manuals are different. Most of the phone manuals I've read are written like the user is going to use heavy machinery; and when the user does use the phone it's like using a calculator.
I think that green vs red is exaggerated.
Cellphone users dont buy phones after checking for such features. The market is so huge that phones are bought consciously - recommendations from the inner circle.
Eventually it's the core functionality that matters, not the disability of not having gone through a user interface design test (if such a generic test exists).
Maybe we'll get to know more when we compare VRAZR with Pebl.
Pebl seems to be built along the very lines that promotes core functionality - letting the phone do what a phone must do (and nothing extra).
Permalink Send private email Vineet Reynolds 
January 27th, 2006 1:09pm
Puhleese. I told him to RTFM days ago. And I was much funnier when I did it.
Permalink Notorious 
January 27th, 2006 1:30pm
Seems like we're losing threads quite fast then.
Permalink Send private email Vineet Reynolds 
January 27th, 2006 1:31pm
Huh.  Now, that is one of the problems with moderation I hadn't thought about.

If a moderator deletes an OBVIOUS response (like RTFM), then it can be MORE likely that the OBVIOUS response gets made again.

Sounds like a good argument for Bayesian filters.. Oh, wait...
Permalink AllanL5 
January 27th, 2006 1:37pm

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