Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

2checkout.com is fucking nuts.

We have been attempting to contact you at the email address listed on the account xxxxxx@xxxx
During a routine check it was discovered that your site is down.  We do not allow sales on an account that does not have a functional web site.
I see that the site is now functional, sales have been resumed.

Thank you,


So the site was done for less than a fucking day because of high traffic and 2co shuts down our payment processing for a week.  Of course, I had no idea it was shut down because they didn't actually say it was shut down and their stupid interface just returned "parameter error".  And, of course, around the same time they change their interface so I assume it has something to do about that!

And then when I asked what the "parameter error" was it took them 3 days to respond and reable the access.  So the site was down for 1 day and my payment processing was down for a week and it took them 3 days to put it back up.

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January 27th, 2006 1:43pm
Interesting. I was using some fly-by-night host for a while that had a recurring payment through them. Host goes out, I move my stuff elsewhere, get the notification of the charge for the year on 12/4. I immediately dispute, pointing out that the site is nonexistant. Seeing that it was $20, I didn't really pursue. 6/29, they get back to me with an Issue Resolved message. Comments: done.
Realize the other place going out wasn't their fault, but I'm in no rush to ever use their services again.
Permalink j4b 
January 27th, 2006 6:28pm

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