Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

A challenge...

From Joel's latest post:

"If you're feeling naughty, add some fart jokes to somebody's excellent translation. We'll see if the community spots it and fixes it."

Did anyone else see this as a challenge to the former ?off community?
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January 27th, 2006 7:10pm
yeah, vandalizing someone elses work sounds like a real blast.

just let me finish torturing this kitten and Ill be right with you.

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January 27th, 2006 7:18pm
FNR you made me think of


If we had moderators, this post would be deleted.
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January 27th, 2006 7:25pm
Too obvious.

However, if someone were to add a Georgian translation to his wiki (the US state, not the country), that might be amusing.

So them thar programmers at Microsoft wuz worried 'bout how to rite more bigger programs, when the folks livin in the doublewide sayd that adding programmers jes makes things worsen.
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January 27th, 2006 8:27pm

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