Fix The Txagline

Trillian Fucking Sucks.

Just reinstalled Windows, and when I tried to reinstall Trillian, it wouldn't take my password.

I thought maybe I changed my email address or my password or something, so I emailed customer support, and they mailed me back my username & password (kept unprotected in their database, I might add).

Tried it again, still didn't work, I got the same error that the login had expired. I wrote them back asking whether or not they were sure this was the most current login information.

I got a response back that since I paid over a year ago, I'm not entitled to the most current release - and "You can upgrade for as little as $5.00. For that you will get 1/5 of a year (73 days) to upgrade your copy and get tech support."

But the version I'm trying to install I dowloaded over a year ago in March. It worked then, but won't work now.

Fucking morons.

I wrote back telling them they're idiots and they need to get their act together.
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January 17th, 2006
I had a similiar experience with StarDock, whose $49.95 license is supposed to entitle you to the current version + 1 year worth of upgrades, after which you can keep the software you've got "forever".

Well, what they don't mention is that StarDock Central doesn't save the installers locally (mine didn't, anyway), so if you have to reinstall the software you're fucked.
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January 17th, 2006
"Hi, we know you like our software because you bought. What you don't know is that you'll have to buy it every time you try to install it again for the rest of your life."

I'm tempted to go find a cracked version on principle. I paid for the damn thing, they told me I could use it for life, I should be able to use it for life.
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January 17th, 2006
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