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Symptom of Enterprise suckishness?

I'm watching Galactica, and I'm struck by the idea that they create new opening credits for *every episode*

Babylon 5 had new opening credits every season, showing the tone of the season.

The Star Trek franchises never change opening credits, even the much-maligned Enterprise opening credits.

I'm wondering if there's a relationship, or if it's just a coincidence.

Permalink Philo 
March 11th, 2005
You're watching that shit? What's wrong with you?
Permalink Lies of Society 
March 11th, 2005
The Season 4 opening from Babylon 5 is certainly one of the best of any science fiction series.

"The Star Trek franchises never change opening credits, even the much-maligned Enterprise opening credits."

Well, they kept changing the music for the Enterprise opening credits -- from bad to worse. It's really too bad because, music aside, Enterprise has a really great opening.

Some minor trivia: On the very first episode of Deep Space 9 there was no wormhole in the opening (because at that point, it wasn't discovered yet). It wasn't until the 3rd episode did it show up.

I thought the current theme these days in TV was to have very short title sequence and then run the opening credits during the first few seconds of the episode (e.g. Lost).
Permalink Almost Anonymous 
March 12th, 2005
The enterprise opening credits is just paying tribute to Civilization for DOS! :-)
Permalink Li-fan Chen 
March 12th, 2005
Mission: Impossible had different opening credits for every episode. Plus that excellent Lalo Shiffirn theme...
Permalink Ward 
March 12th, 2005
I heard in a Joss Whedon commentary for Buffy that it's extra work to do opening credits stuff, which means the crew needs an incentive or enough ownership to care.

Startrek seems all about "mining its brand." Not creating interesting stories.

And they were ideological; Voyager was all about having to ultimately respect the wise/benevolent leader, and in every episode the characters pored over this in excruciating detail. In Enterprise, the crew was just castrated, particularly the token black guy, so it didn't even have that.
Permalink Tayssir John Gabbour 
March 12th, 2005
Incidentally, I don't mean this to insult the Enterprise cast; I think they were actually good. Just that they didn't get a chance to do interesting stuff.

And maybe I have an oversensitivity to what I perceive as token characters. ;) But I just couldn't see that he had a life of his own.
Permalink Tayssir John Gabbour 
March 12th, 2005
I always thought that the primary "symptom of Enterprise suckishness" was that they had an emotional vulcan that had giant fake breasts (where exactly is the logic in giant fake breasts?). Screwing with a core tenent of your universe is always a sucky behavior.

That show was unwatchable from the start.
Permalink K 
March 12th, 2005
Yes, the Enterprise vulcan character was clearly a "7 of 9" extension -- the un-emotion to begin with, the form-hugging cat-suite, the seeking after 'real relationships' with the crew, the incredible body that we got to see in various stages of undress. When they went over the line into "having a boy-friend" suspension of disbelief was too hard.

Yup, milking the franchise -- or was it merely trying to incorporate "successfull" elements in order to get some time to build a quality show?

In any event, the attempt failed. Too bad, I really like Scott Bakula for what he did in Quantum Leap. I hoped he could extend that into Enterprise. Instead he became the most messed-with captain ever -- converted to an animal, tortured, beaten, made a prisoner of the Vulcans AND the Andorians, yuck.
Permalink AllanL5 
March 12th, 2005
When Scott Bacula first got the role, he did an interview with TV Guide. They asked him if he was afraid of being typecast, like every other Star Trek cast member in the past. He said that unlike Shatner, he could had a career before Star Trek and would have one after.

It was hard for me to like the guy after that, and his show sucked, I feel it's some sort of karma that it was cancelled.
Permalink MarkTAW 
March 12th, 2005
"I heard in a Joss Whedon commentary for Buffy that it's extra work to do opening credits stuff, which means the crew needs an incentive or enough ownership to care."

[nod] I thought about this after I posted, and I think it's right.

The Star Trek franchise has been a victim of its own success - Braga is an abolutely awful producer, and the only reason the series' made it this far was an incredibly devoted fan base.

What's amazing is that this last season of Enterprise has been the best of the last three series - they finally put someone in charge who actually cares about Star Trek, and it shows. (Enterprise finished last season with Archer in Nazi Germany, started this season explaining the Eugenics War and why the Klingons look different in the original series - talk about night and day)

Permalink Philo 
March 12th, 2005
Yes, Manny Cotto did *excellent* work on Odyssey-5 on Showtime, but that was canceled. He "gets" Trek. I just loved this season.

For a new Trek series, there's always "Starship Exeter" which is the fan produced Trek genre that has that plywood set/beehive hairdo and miniskirt ambience. Put JMS or Cotto in charge and then you'd HAVE something. :-)
Permalink Bored Bystander 
March 12th, 2005
This thead sucks. Philo, please post some more topics about the Apprentice.
Permalink Lies of Society 
March 12th, 2005
Mark -

Why dislike him for that?! Shatner was and is a bloated windbag with no talent.
Permalink muppet 
March 14th, 2005
"Shatner was and is a bloated windbag with no talent."

Yeah, but what about his cover of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"?? ;-) ;-)

Seriously: I thought that Shatner was a hoot playing himself in "Free Enterprise". If I'd been in the process of eating/drinking at the "Well, kick the little fucker's ass!" line, my friends would have had to buy a new DVD player and/or TV...
Permalink cubiclegrrl 
March 15th, 2005

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