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Keeping up on Memes

I have a half-finished posting on "A Beginner's Guide to Meme Hunting" with a descripting and list of links. e.g.

Boing Boing

And others. Any big one's I'm missing? (I'm talking specifically about the things that people read largely to say "Oh yeah, I already saw that..." when a coworker comes by to tell you about a "cool site").
Permalink Dennis Forbes 
January 9th, 2006
B3ta and Fark?
Permalink Mat Hall 
January 9th, 2006
Daypop is usually very good, even though it's been going through a lot of technical snafus lately due to the fact that  the guy who runs it basically runs it out of his apartment...
Permalink bionicroach 
January 9th, 2006
Permalink Jacob 
January 9th, 2006
Daypop and that other ones... Blogdex and Popdex track memes more directly than the other sites. I haven't visited them in ages though.

I mostly hit http://del.icio.us/popular
Permalink MarkTAW 
January 9th, 2006
The Onion
Permalink example 
January 9th, 2006

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