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deviance from social norms can be an early indicator of terroris


"Databases track Americans' networks of friends, family and associates, not just to identify who is a terrorist but to try to predict who might become one... The idea was that disparate, seemingly mundane behaviors can reveal criminal intent when viewed together. More disturbing, it assumed that deviance from social norms can be an early indicator of terrorism."

"Google is likely central to the Internet portion of this effort. There's no doubt in my mind that Google has a fat contract with the Homeland Security Department. They can track your search behavior using cookies. Affiliates using cookies on adwords. Analyze the content of your weblog for dangerous phrases. Anonymity doesn't help. They have your IP address and therefore can get the records they need to put a name and a credit history next to your Internet behavior (all without a warrant)."

I feel so very safe indeed.
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January 13th, 2006
McKinstry was right!!!
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January 13th, 2006
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