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Troll Of The Month Awards

Similar to Employee of the Month Awards, the Troll of the Month will get a shiny ASCII plaque. Plus, you get your picture in the sidebar (provided you look like a bug, a lightbulb, or a little kid on the beach). Garuanteed to stay there until I get bored of it and decide to replace it with somthing more entertaining, like blinking subliminal holiday greetings.

Here's how it works.

Some time during the month, someone nominates you as a troll. If 4 other people will second that nomination, that person becomes the troll of the month. To be fair, you can only recieve a Trollie once a year, unless you get 10 votes, in which case, you enter into the hall of fame/troll for life club.

Anonymous one-off's are elligible, but the title of "anonymous one off guy" can only be given out once a year/in accordance with all other rules.

Offer at participating ?off forums only, not valid in the Pitcairn Islands, and in any month ending in Q. If you have a heart condition, or congenital politness failure, please consult a doctor before trolling. Void where inhibited. Remember to troll responsibly. Moderators cannot be held responsible for the contents of any given troll. Cash value -$1,000, may be redeemed by sending me $1,000. Your reputation, however, is probably already beyond redemption.
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January 4th, 2006
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