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Red Herrings and doobies

An absolutely terrible tragedy, but I see that it's being twisted into some sort of bizarre anti-marijuana campaign, and it just proves how absolutely absurd wars on drugs are.

"Public Security Minister Anne McLellan said on Thursday she would look at further toughening the bill, under which growers caught with more than 50 plants face up to 14 years in jail."

Other articles have further highlighted the embarrassment that this comes at a time that the Canadian government is considering relaxing pot laws, and this might cause them to rethink that.

This just boggles my mind - man is doing something illegal (A), police come on his property, man does something a TRILLION times worse (probably ending up killing himself - self imposing basically the pinnacle of most penalty systems) = We need to increase the penalties for (A).

This logic just boggles the mind.
Permalink Dennis Forbes 
March 4th, 2005
[shrug] Look at Columbine, which prompted a huge outcry for "more and tougher gun laws"

Never mind that the boys had illegal weapons puchased illegally, took them to school (illegal) and - committed mass homicide. If we had had just one more law prohibiting something they did, boy, it never would've happened.

Remember my earlier post - when something bad happens and society is given a choice between
a) addressing a complex underlying issue that requires social engineering and maybe blaming some people it's uncomfortable to blame (bad parenting and cliques at high school were the root cause)
b) passing what is probably a redundant and useless law that won't be enforce but it will make us feel better

It's human nature to choose (b)

Permalink Philo 
March 4th, 2005
---" [shrug] Look at Columbine, which prompted a huge outcry for "more and tougher gun laws""-------

Well, if the guy had bludgeoned the Mounties to death with a full-grown marijuana plant you might have a point, but as it is ......
Permalink Stephen Jones 
March 4th, 2005
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