Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

What happened to the internet today?

United Airlines was down. My office was down the WHOLE DAY. What happened?

Maybe the two are related?

Was there a terra attack?
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January 3rd, 2006
Sorry. It rained *really* hard out here in California. As you could guess, what with people having to slow down on the freeways and all (I'm telling you, it was a BAD storm) worker productivity went down and we weren't able to keep up the supply of innovation that drives the internets. Rest assured that we are all working overtime to catch up.
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January 3rd, 2006
ha. ha. So nobody else experienced this phenomena today? Interesting.

Well, it was really wierd not having internet. I experienced withdrawal symptoms: twitching, spinning around in circles, reaching for the mouse, clicking in vain every 10 minutes. Just awful.

People were paying their bills via TELEPHONE! It was mad. I was told things and I couldn't check on their factual content. I was lost. It was like part of my brain blacked out.
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January 4th, 2006
I hadn't noticed anything, but I was busy either sleeping or taking a final much of the day.

There is some site that keeps track of "internet traffic". In fact, there's a little download you can stick in your systray that displays a number that's somehow supposed to be related to this whole traffic thing.

Nobody in your office had net on a cell phone they could check against? What kind of nerds do you work with anyway?
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January 4th, 2006
Um, you know, I am sure they checked their email, but I hate cell phones and so have not the latest whizbang features.

Hmmm. Sidebar. And right after it, something about an idiot. Hmmm. Are you referring to moi?
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January 4th, 2006

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