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Hey Philo - A sharepoint question

The other day when I said I would do anything except sharepoint, I was kidding. In reality, no low is too low. :-}

I actually think SharePoint is pretty cool, apart from the fact that it's a big ugly hybrid .NET and ISAPI parser monstrosity that is stupidly difficult to modify. (I know, I know, SharePoint is not a development platform, it's a product... Tell that to the managers.)

From the digging I've done, it sounds like these problems and more have been addressed in the forthcoming sharepoing v3 (or whatever it's name is now). I'm kinda surprised the MS hype machine hasn't already picked this up and started waiving it as one of the great and wonderful things to expect out of Redmond this year.

From what I understand though, MS is hugely invested into sharepoint as a part of the future of office. I think Office Live has a LOT of potential as well, so I'm very interested about hearing more about that.

So, umm, what's the deal? When are you guys going to start bragging about the new version as if it solved world hunger and religious tensions?

And when is the beta coming?
Permalink Jeff Barton 
January 3rd, 2006
SharePoint/Office Server v3 is in beta now. Beta 2 should be springtime.

I haven't even dug into the customization of v3, so I can't comment on that (actually there's not much I *can* comment on publicly). I will say that a lot of the holes in v2 have been filled in, and I *think* it's gonna be a pretty cool year for corporate Office developers.

(BTW, if you want to get ahead of the curve,
http://msdn.microsoft.com/windowsvista/building/workflow/default.aspx )

Philo [MSFT]
Permalink Philo 
January 3rd, 2006
Yeah, thanks.

I have been watching the workflow foundation stuff, although I haven't dedicated much time to really getting into it. I want to, though, as I think that this is going to provide an amazing advancement in application workflow programming. It's really a solid platform to build workflow with, for any application... lots of potential here.

Unfortunately I am not only the bleeding edge tech guru at my job, but also the senior developer and the chief trouble shooter for all things .NET related. The demands of the organization afford little time for getting to far ahead of the curve. (I'm installing BT2006 on a machine right now, and I guess I'll probably get to SPSv3 around the time of second beta. For a government employee, I'm pretty proud to be so current. :-) )
Permalink Jeff Barton 
January 3rd, 2006

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