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Would you pay $70 for a good word processor?

Just a sanity check - I keep reading people talking about Office being overpriced. Of course, between MSDN and now the job, I haven't bought Office in years, so I finally went and took a look.

$350 retail for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. That's roughly $70 each.

Now granted that some people only need the equivalent of MS Works, and some people don't need Access or PowerPoint. But if you have a serious need for the capabilities of the applications, that really doesn't seem like unreasonable pricing to me. I mean, I just spent $40 on a *text editor*. And there seem to be a lot of folks who routinely pay $50 for a game they can finish in a few weeks.

I'm honestly curious.

Philo [MSFT]
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March 18th, 2005
I've always found Excel to be far more useful than Word. Excel would be worth $70 to me easily, but Word... 99% of the time I'm just formatting text. The most complex things I do involve columns and printing odd pages before even pages.

Columns and odd/even page printing doesn't seem to be worth $70 to me.

*If* I wanted to do desktop publishing, I'm not sure I'd want Word either, I'd want something with more features, and I'd shoot right past $70 and go on to, say, $200.
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March 18th, 2005
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