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Benji on not in video games

I apology to post another topic.
Hi Benji,

I think that YOU have a problem. (the guy that accuses you also). I believe that we must accept everyone, and by reading your post and the BAD advice people are giving, I think that you're not accepting your co-workers. Yes the problem comes from YOU. As somebody say, we can't like everybody's ways but we should show them respect. If somebody approaches you with such "hurting comments" as you said, I doubt you show them the respect they wanted.

My second point is that, you should not mix business with personal things. And that's what you're doing. Your not loving video games can't be an obstacle to simple sentences like "What kind of characters are....," "Who is the best player...". Believe me, it could help you someday. Maybe a boy that will ask you "Say, you're IT guy, right? Can you show me how to get at this level in WoW?"

My third point is that, don't get wrong about me, I've never played WoW. We unfortunately don't know the existence of such game here. But now I know :)

So Benji I think you should change your attitude. Getting good friends takes as long as building good reputation, but getting bad guys takes so little as getting a bad reputation.
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August 26th, 2005
for fucks sake. stop dribbling.

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August 26th, 2005

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