Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

Thread gone AWOL?

Anybody know what happened to the thread with a title something like "America, your credit card's been declined..."? Either I'm going blind or it disappeared.
Permalink Doug 
March 13th, 2005
I wondered that this very moment as well.
Permalink Tayssir John Gabbour 
March 13th, 2005
Both the "Credit Card" and "Starving the Beast" threads have gone. Where and why?
Permalink Ian Boys 
March 13th, 2005
I still see both.
Permalink sgf 
March 13th, 2005
They disappeared for a short time.

I saw them disappear when I did a refresh (the whole list shifted up), but now they are back again.
Permalink Erik Springelkamp 
March 13th, 2005

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