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Decent hotels in Stockholm, Sweden for Business Trip

I would like recomendations on hotels that are cheap & decent preferably near Erstagatan or where all the tech companies are located.

Suggestions? THanks,
Permalink Prakash S 
March 8th, 2005
Theres a chain of hotels in scandinavia innovativly called, scandic hotels. They have two hotells in the area of erstagatan. They used to be pretty cheap, but Its been a while since I've stayed in one.


Permalink Eric Debois 
March 9th, 2005
I stayed at the First Hotel Amaranten, liked it a lot. It's slightly out of the way, on Kungsgatan (slightly posh neighborhood), but within a few minutes' walk of the center. Got a subway station in the building as well.

Permalink Flasher T 
March 9th, 2005
thanks guys. Another person I spoke to recomended the Scandic as well.
Permalink Prakash S 
March 9th, 2005

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