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Oranges and Trabbis

Q: Why does a Trabbi only have one exhaust pipe?
A: So no one will mistake it for a wheelbarrow.

Q: Why do sone Trabbis have a heated rear window?
A: So you can warm your hands while pushing.

Q: What the hell is a Trabbi?
A: http://nickselby.com/articles/other/?a=1784

A little book just published in Oz called "Extra Lemon!", a sequel to an earlier little book just called "Lemon" recounts some of the world's wonder-cars such as the Zeta
pictured here:


- the extra headlights were bolted on to the bonnet to achieve lights high enough to pass regulations. Eerily reminiscent of the Trabbi, it had a fibreglass shell and was reputed to require 3 fittings before purchase - being rather small.

Other worthies:
The VW Country Buggy. Declared amphibious, it sank.
The Toyota Publica that did 0-100kmh in 53 secs
The Nash Metropolitan

The Datsun 120Y may not have been included in either book but should have. When our speed cameras were suspected of being on the blink one of these horrors was clocked at such an unbelievable speed that a local racing identity borrowed the thing from its tearful young lady owner, tuned it up and took it to Sandown Raceway to see what it could do flat out. Never got near the speed the cameras recorded and anyone who ever drove or travelled in the putrid 120Y ever believed the evidence. Based on this and other testing the cameras were pulled out and recalibrated and a LOT of fines repaid, points restored but nothing could help those who had lost their licences or even jobs.

Even crap cars have their uses.

Gas hit $63/barrel today. Will Trabbi style cars return?
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August 2nd, 2005
Gas <<< Oil
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August 2nd, 2005
Here's another one:


"By the time you see an ugly car, it's already too late..."

(disclaimer: I know the author)
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August 2nd, 2005
No. You can't get a two-stroke engine to be efficient or clean enough for modern standards. You can't even get the VW Beetle air-cooled engine clean enough, though it was efficient for its day.

Now, the size may return. A small four-wheeled sedan, with high-pressure tires and a 1200 cc computer controlled engine could be powerful enough and efficient enough to be a success.

We'll have to get all those SUV "Gas guzzlers" off the road first though. Otherwise the little cars are road-kill.
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August 2nd, 2005

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