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Steep Slopes and retaining walls

Maybe someone can answer this while I wait for a reply from my buddy (civil engineer)

I am looking to buy a house and so far I have seen 2 homes which are either at the top or bottom of steep slopes. Today I saw a house sitting on flat ground about 20 feet back from a 5' high cinder block retaining wall which was bulging, cracking, and had no visible drainage.

Below that was a 6 foot wide steppe which was very old and was aggregate rock / dirt, no concrete. Below that were varous smaller concrete caps which appear very old down to the flat.

The next door neighbors on both sides have either improved or replaced some or all of their retaining walls. My question is - what would it cost to install these walls (the lot is over 100 feet wide and maybe 30-50 feet from base to the top). I am guessing a minimum of 10k per wall.

Also there is a brand-new deck on the house which runs right to the edge of the upper retaining wall which I imagine would have to be ripped out to replace the wall.

Anyone ever have to build or replace a retaining wall?
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January 13th, 2006
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