Politics: where absolutely anything is OK as long as the right team does it.

What ever happened to family television?

And I don´t mean "7th Heaven" or any of that cruft. I mean like, "The Muppet Show". Seriously. That show was a work of genius. Crafted so that entire families could sit down on a Saturday night and enjoy it together. They had a celebrity guest to appeal to the older folks who probably got a kick out of seeing a favored actor/comedian interacting with a bunch of silly puppets. They had colorful and funny characters to appeal to the kids. They had humor for the adults that went right over the kids´ heads, and absolute silliness that made us kids laugh like idiots. Everybody thought it was great.

What´s on in prime time now? People biting the heads off of cockroaches and spitting them into blenders.


This is the good ol´ USA. Nevermind politics, look at our sad, sorry culture.
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March 15th, 2005
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