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America needs a Third Way

If I understand it right, there is a political spectrum

Liberal <------> Conservative

The one end is held by the Democrats, and is the natural home of the educated elite, the literati, the free thinking liberals.

The conservative end is held by the Republicans, and is the natural home of the ordinary hard-working American, representing sobriety, traditional values and moral rectitude.

But the ordinary hard-working American, in voting Republican, is also voting against Social Security, Medicare, labor laws and protection for the disadvantaged. Ironically, the low income groups are voting against the very things they would most benefit from.

So it seems like there needs to be a triangle, not a line, with a third option neither liberal or conservative. An third option that will take up the cause of all those hard-working, blue collar workers whose jobs are disappearing as manufacting gets exported to China, all those families living three to a room with minimum wage incomes, all those living in impoverished rural communities.

America needs a workers party! Why hasn't it happened?
Permalink Ian Boys 
March 19th, 2005
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