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Taking the bible literally

I honestly believe that if a person believes in a creator (I don't, but it's none of my business), it is actually quite easy to reconcile the scientific evidence with the stories told in the bible.
As an example, the story of the original creation. First the original Hebrew text says "on the first day....", it is common consensus in Jewish biblical studies to agree that the text does no literally refer to exact periods of 24 hours but is more akin to the English word "moment" which is an undefined length of time.
I actually heard another interesting theory today. It claims that you can define day as one revolution of the Earth on its own axis, which didn't necessarily take 24 hours when od was busy doing his thing.
The only real problem is that the bible isn't internally consistent..

Anyway, er, um, Discuss!
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March 22nd, 2005
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