Fix The Txagline

OK. The banker called. It's credited. 25%

A few here already are aware of this. And I promise, this will be my last blog post on JoS.

That was the reason for my drunkennes last week. More than getting the money, which anyway is a legally enforcible contract, I was glad because it shows that the powers that be are keen on pushing the product into the market.

Since handing over, I've sort of moved to handle more and more of the IT operations of the organisation. I was a little scared that it would put on the backburner for much longer and it would just fizzle out. Looks like pretty soon we'll hit the markets.

Thanks all for all.
Permalink KayJay 
January 13th, 2006
Woot!! Congrats. When will you treat the undersigned to a party ?

Psst!! Bump up this thread as much as you can. The more, the merrier.
Permalink Vineet Reynolds 
January 13th, 2006
Yeah, damn, I need to move my ass on my project(s).

I tried to talk Aaron F Stanton into collaborating on my space game, since he's into tabletop and this is basically a glorified tabletop, but he's too busy with his two wives.

Permalink Generic Error 
January 13th, 2006
Cool! Congrats!

BTW, you are located in Chennai. Right?
Permalink JD 
January 13th, 2006
Permalink Cool Dad 
January 13th, 2006
What? Is he in Chennai?
Cool !! I bet he can drive over to Bangalore and treat the folks out here.
Permalink Vineet Reynolds 
January 13th, 2006
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