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My Game Idea

It's just an idea at the mo, but it's an AOE style RPG.

You start playing as a young kid in a war torn world, where several connecting kingdoms at waging a bloody battles.

Starting out with nothing after your village/town gets sacked, joining up with a mercenary band as a shit kicker, learning the ropes of combat, in an effort to hunt down and one day kill the company that destroyed your village.

Basically you build up your skills, purchase equipment, etc, by fighting side by side in the mercenary band that took you in. As you gain money, experience, knowledge, you raise up in rank, until you become the leader. Or, split off early with your money to form another mercenary group, hiring soldiers, etc, etc.

Once you're the leader of your group, you start choosing which battles you'll take, what troups you'll purchase and how they'll be kitted out etc.

After battles you can loot the dead, heal your troops, restock your eq etc.

That bit I'd really like to emplement is AOE & FP style battles. BEV to control the battles as a captain, & FP view for the real fighting - not sure how well it would work though.

Any thoughts?
Permalink Planet Funk 
January 7th, 2006
Call it "Conan"
Permalink Philo 
January 8th, 2006
Awesome idea. I think that would sell.
Permalink hoser 
January 8th, 2006
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