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Israel and WMD

From New York Times:

"In what amounts to a reinterpretation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Mr. Bush now argues that there is a new class of nations that simply cannot be trusted with the technology to produce nuclear material even if the treaty itself makes no such distinction."

I'd say US and the world should focus on Israel which has piles of WMDs - as opposed concentrating on stories fabricated by neo-cons about Irainian government's intention in building WMDs.
Permalink Dan Denman 
March 15th, 2005
Are you referring to this article:
Permalink scouring the net 
March 15th, 2005

Look at the archives for the photos of the week. You are able to watch the construction of hardened nuclear facilities via public imagry.
Permalink Duff 
March 16th, 2005
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